Top Producers Council


Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: Networking to provide the community and our fellow REALTORS® new opportunities.

Mission: The Top Producers Council is an organization that encourages successful REALTORS® to share knowledge and expertise through group discussions, to learn through informational speakers and experts, to provide annual educational events for all of RRAR, and to support our community through our efforts of giving and serving.

About Top Producers & Membership Requirements

The Top Producers Council was established in 1999 to give the top performing REALTORS® in the Triangle an opportunity to network with each other. Six luncheons are held throughout the year and provide a relaxed atmosphere wherein members may socialize, share real estate industry stories and ideas. Additionally, each lunch features a guest speaker who presents relevant and beneficial information as it pertains to the real estate industry. Past speakers have given presentations on various topics including “Home Inspections and Inspectors” and “Financial Management.”

Membership Requirement: Annual production of $10 Million in gross sales or 50+ transactions.
Meetings are for the Top Producer Member only, team members are also eligible to join if their team leader makes it available to them. The team member would need to qualify individually. The team leader and the team member cannot claim the same production numbers under the team.  All applications must be submitted with supporting documentation with totals. 

Top Producers Council Application

2022 Leadership & Meeting Dates

2022 Co-Chairs:Gracie Goins and Michelle Edwards Mitchell 
Staff Liaison: Cara Mottershead

Meeting Dates:
February 2, April 6 (Photo Day) , June 1, August 3, October 5 
Lunch is served at 11:30 AM, with each meeting beginning promptly at 12:00 PM and adjourns at 1:30 PM.
(111 Realtors Way - Cary, NC 27513)

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