Small Brokerage Council

SBC Mission Statement & Qualification Process

To provide support, education, and networking opportunities for the smaller firms while also providing a voice for the needs and interests of these independent Real Estate firms in our region. The Communications & Public Relations Committee is here to serve as an advisory board for the Association as it promotes and protects the rights and benefits of property ownership and the interest of the real estate industry to our members and the general public.

To qualify, you must be part of a non-franchise brokerage of 20 agents or fewer. Your yearly fee of $50 opens your advantage to excellent speakers, great networking opportunities, and education that is tailored for your specific business type and model.

Small Brokerage Council Application

2019 Meeting Schedule & Leadership

2019 SBC Chair: Pam Kastl
2019 SBC Vice-Chair: Kris Kiegiel

All meetings are from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM at RRAR (111 Realtors Way - Cary, NC 27513)
Arrival at 9:30 allows participants time to network before the formal start of meetings.
January 23 - February 27 - March 20 - April 24 - May 15 - June 19
August 28 - September 18 - October 16 - November 20


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