Government Policies & Issues Committee


Mission Statement

The Government Policies and Issues Committee is dedicated to positively impacting the community through membership education, promotion of housing opportunities and protection of private property rights.

About GPIC

The Government Policies and Issues Committee is focused on member education on legislative, regulatory and political matters. Reaching out to private businesses, political organizations, and government officials and staff to make recommendations on pressing issues facing the community is key for this committee. Past areas include school construction, transportation improvements, parks and greenways, landlord/tenant issues, sign ordinances, and private property rights. Recently added as a priority is the affordability of housing in the county, and what the involved parties can do to help. Each election, members of the GAC and Board of Directors invite political candidates for municipal, county, and state office to interview and share their views on important issues with our membership. Through in-person interviews and candidate surveys, committee members recommend REALTOR© friendly candidates to the REALTORS® PAC Committee for funding. Members of the Government Affairs Committee are required to participate in candidate interviews.

2021 Meeting Dates

January 6, March 3, May 5, August 11, October 6, December 1

2021 Government Affairs & Advocacy Forum Dates

February 3, April 7, June 2, September 1, November 3

2021 Leadership

2021 Chair: Margaret Sophie
2020 Vice-Chair: Tim Mock
Staff Liaison: Jordan Forrest

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