Dues Billing Q&A

Q1:  How will I receive my 2019 dues invoice?

A1:  Email billing has been used for a number of years and will be used again for 2019 dues.

Q2:  Does RRAR have my most current email address?

A2:  Login to your Member Portal here to verify and update your member information including email address.

Q3:  What is the deadline for renewing members for 2019?

A3:  December 15, 2018. This date is the same as renewing 2018’s dues deadline.

Q4:  When will I be assessed a late fee?

A4:  A $35 late fee will be applied on January 16, 2019 for renewing members.

Q5:  How much are the 2019 dues for RRAR, NCR and NAR?

A5:  The total 2019 renewing membership dues are $521 if paid on or before January 15, 2019. $185 will be sent to NAR, $165 will be sent to NCR and $171 will be retained at RRAR to provide services and benefits at the local level.

Q6:  Has the total amount changed?

A6:  As of 2018, RRAR dues have not increased in 18 years. However, NAR has increased their dues by $30. (see additional answers at bottom for NAR's dues structure)

Q7:  What happens if I do not pay my 2019 dues?

A7:  BICs will be invoiced a non-member fee of $546.00 for each non-member affiliated with their office on January 16, 2019.

Q8:  Are 2019 dues refundable if I put my license on inactive status later in the year?

A8:  Annual dues for membership are non-refundable.

Q9:  How can I pay my 2019 membership dues?

A9:  Dues can be paid through your Member Portal Here with a Credit or Debit Card, and easy and secure transaction.

Q10:  Are membership dues tax deductible as a business expense?

A10:  Most of your membership dues can be deducted as a business expense. The portion that is non-deductible related to lobbying expenses at the local, state and national levels will be listed at the bottom of your membership dues invoice. Save a copy of your invoice for your records.

RRAR works to make it easy to receive notice of your membership dues by providing timely information at our website www.RRAR.com, direct member emails and publishing information in the bi-weekly RRAR Headlines e-newsletter. Failure to receive notification does not relieve you of the requirement to meet the dues deadlines. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Membership Department at (919) 654-5400.

National Association of REALTORS® Dues Increase Q&A

Q1:  The National Association of REALTORS® has increased dues for 2019, what is this all about?

A1:  NAR has published information regarding this dues change to help members understand its need; NAR materials can be accessed here.

Q2:  Where does the increase go?

A2:  REALTOR® Party Programming will see the greatest increase. The REALTOR® Party programming is vast. The entire REALTOR® Party Resource Guide can be accessed by clicking here. In summary, the REALTOR® Party programming includes funding for: Issues Mobilization, State and Local Independent Expenditure, Campaign Services, RPAC Direct Fundraising, Consumer Advocacy Outreach, Federal Public Issues Advocacy, and Federal Independent Expenditures.

Q3:  How does this help a REALTOR® Practicing in North Carolina?

A3:  Over the past 3 years, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, together with the local associations in North Carolina have received funding from the REALTOR® Party Programming available resources in the total amount of $1,609,529.55. Of that total, $796,101 went to NC REALTORS® and the remaining $813,428.55 went to supporting activities, events and political issues at the local associations. These funds from NAR have made our political and community support programming more robust than they could have otherwise been.

Among many other things these funds have helped us defeat and then keep at bay transfer taxes and service taxes on real estate in North Carolina, advocate for the extension of national flood insurance; and elect candidates supportive of REALTOR® issues and property ownership rights. These funds have also been utilized to help retain 1031 exchange opportunities critical to the investment and commercial segment of our membership and property owners.

Q4:  What about the increase for operations and programming at $13 per member? How will this money be spent?

A4:  The operating increase will go primarily to pay for Forms (zipForm Plus Forms) and a Transaction Management Platform; occupancy costs (building maintenance and renovation); and member programming including Commitment to Excellence, Financial Wellness and Strategic Business, Innovation & Technology.


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