Board of Directors

RRAR 2020 Board of Directors
Back Row (L to R)
: Andrew Sims, Ward Ricke, Tim McBrayer, Sharon Gupton, Kevin Starkey,
Davis Holt, Tiffany Williamson,
Derrick Thornton, Larry Terry, Joe Schabot,
Brenda Carroll, Andre Fajardo, Linda Trevor, Tim Mock, Cynthia Manley, Bill Fletcher.

Front Row (L to R): Teresa Pitt, Jonay Zies, Leslie Williams, Brett Bushnell, Lewis Grubbs,
Renee Smith, Crystal Copas, Shannon Brien, Becky Harper.

2020 Executive Committee

President: Lewis Grubbs
President-Elect: Brett Bushnell
Secretary/Treasurer: Leslie Williams
Past President: Renee Smith

2020 Directors

Jim Allen • Shannon Brien
Brenda Carroll • Crystal Copas
Andre Fajardo • Bill Fletcher
Sharon Gupton • Becky Harper
Davis Holt • Scott Hoyt
AnneMarie Janni • Cynthia Manley
Tim McBrayer • Tim Mock
Teresa Pitt • Ward Ricke
Victoria Riddell • Joe Schabot
Kevin Starkey • Larry Terry
Derrick Thornton • Tiffany Williamson
Jonay Zies • Teri Fountain (Foundation President)

2020 Board of Directors Meeting Dates

May 20 • June 10
August 12 • September 9 • October 21
November 18 • December 9
(No July Meeting - If you would like more information, Alyssa at [email protected])

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