Raleigh Housing, Job Market, Culture Get "Straight A's"

RRAR Executive Board Member Tim McBrayer shared his observations current market with Mynd

Published Monday, August 8, 2022 3:00 pm
by Jay Nelson

Raleigh's housing market, job prospects, and quality of life were recently given "straight A's" in an article by Mynd Management, a tech-enabled real estate company.

The article's headline, "If we are in a recession, it's hard to tell", was pulled from a quote by RRAR Secretary/Treasurer Tim McBrayer. Mynd spoke at length with McBrayer about his experiences and observations as a Realtor® in Wake County for three decades. McBrayer called Raleigh a "destination for many" and pointed to the high demand in the Triangle for inventory from home buyers, residential renters, and commercial real estate.


RRAR Secretary/Treasurer Tim McBrayer

Mynd helped spotlight Raleigh as a destination by featuring many of the appealing top 10 lists that the city landed on nationally.

Among the rankings that are included in the article:
#1 in terms of home building prospects
#1 in tech growth nationwide over the past decade
#1 in STEM job growth in US
#2 in overall real estate prospects nationally
#2 fastest-growing metro area in US
#2 best-educated city in US

With so much appeal and growth, the article made a point to state that Raleigh has a strategic plan to promote more diverse, affordable housing. Other highlights from the article include Raleigh's culinary hotspots, the city's close proximity to the beach and the mountains, and the enjoyable cultural facilities across the Triangle.

McBrayer wrapped up the theme of the article neatly with this observation, "I've never had a client move here and not love it".


Read the entire article on Raleigh's growth by mynd.co here for more details.





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