TMLS Appoints Matt Fowler as New Executive Director

Published Thursday, December 9, 2021 12:00 pm

Matt is a mature executive with almost thirty years running companies and managing property technology projects. Starting in real estate as an appraiser in 1993, Matt met early innovators in process automation and established himself as a reliable problem-solver. Over the years, Matt's companies were awarded patents and won contracts in dozens of states, changing MLS technology with their innovative product design. After twenty years, Matt engineered the sale of his business to competitor FBS in a friendly merger/acquisition. Three years later, arranged another sale to broker-software leader TRIBUS in November 2020. Now, in 2021, with the projects settled in at TRIBUS, Matt is ready for a new chapter.

"Everyone at Triangle has been so kind and welcoming to me this week, my first in the new role. The feeling is hard to describe, starting a new position in a new town, maybe something like the first day at school! After 25 years as an MLS vendor, I have worked on the "client" side of the table, so the feeling is even more unusual. Maybe it's something like being a coach for years then finally taking the field as a player. I have been preaching to MLSs for years about managing their businesses, sharing best practices I've seen in my travels. Now I have an opportunity at Triangle MLS to put that advice to the test! For the first few months, I will mostly listen and learn and meet with key stakeholders but watch for news regarding a new Strategic Plan after the first of the year."—Matt Fowler

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