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This is the Corner for YOU, our Brokers! Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, this is your resource for you to grow and excel in your real estate business. Please check back often as we will be posting frequent articles, education seminars, and so much more geared directly to you!

March 2020 - Leading By Example
By Rogers Healy/National Association of REALTORS®

Learn how to stay engaged with your agents, staff, and clients—and keep business going—during COVID-19 quarantines.

Stay Engaged with Your Staff in times of need.

January 2020 - Who are the REALTOR® Emeriti?
By Lee Nelson/National Association of REALTORS®

Three industry vets, each with more than 40 years in real estate, shine a light on the Emeritus honor and some of the valuable lessons they’ve learned during their careers.

Read this discussion with veterans of the industry.

October 2019 - Closing Anytime, Anywhere
By Lee Nelson/National Association of REALTORS®

A growing number of attorneys and title companies are making real estate closings more convenient for buyers, sellers, and refinancers by going to them. Offering clients this option bodes well for brokers and agents.

Learn how brokers add value through convenient closings!

September 2019 - Perfect Prospecting Environment
By Time & Julie Harris/National Association of REALTORS®

Train your agents on to how to use the phone to generate leads either through cold calling or working their database with confidence.

Train and prospect like a pro!

August 2019 - Every Real Estate Pro Should Have Their Own Website
By Adrian Fisher/National Association of REALTORS®

In today’s digital era, it’s essential for real estate agents to have an online presence. According to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 50 percent of buyers found the home they purchased on the Internet. Agents without a website risk missing out on gaining new leads and growing their business.

Learn to build brand recognition and attract more leads!

July 2019 - Stress Free Homes Are A Trending Niche
By Lee Nelson/National Association of REALTORS®

From family to jobs and finances and health, life can get complicated. "Zen is in demand," as one real estate pro says. Learn how you can provide that and more.

Help sell your home's stress-free qualities and conquer the market!

June 2019 - Importance of Continued Agent Education
By Jill Butler/National Association of REALTORS®

In the constantly changing real estate industry, how do brokers furnish their agents with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed? To keep pace with evolving trends and developments, it’s essential to embrace a continual education approach. Real estate firms that maintain targeted training programs develop strong teams that are well-equipped to serve today’s clients.

Learn the steps for making education a core part of your business.

May 2019 - Why Pros May Need An Office Environment
By Jeff Thompson/National Association of REALTORS®

Though technology enables agents to work entirely remotely, there may be solid benefits of coming into the office to collaborate with colleagues.

Find out which programs entice agents into the office.

April 2019 - Popular Features for the Multifamily Market
By Kaycee Miller/National Association of REALTORS®

Whether you operate a locally owned firm that specialize in the high-end market or are a franchisee of a widely recognized global brand that has a specific division for affluent home buyers and sellers, most real estate brokerages these days have a luxury division. Even though some experts predict uncertainty for luxury markets on a global scale, it can still be a lucrative area for your agents to explore.

Find out what amenities are attracting buyers to this segment of the market.

March 2019 - Hanging With Competitors
By Erica Christoffer/National Association of REALTORS®

From three corners of the Twin Cities market, brokers Long Doan, Samone Ekholm, and Claire Killen gathered on a chilly afternoon at Edwards Dessert Kitchen in Minneapolis to talk shop. Although they had never met before, the three real estate veterans bonded over their shared values, including their tenacious work ethic and strong relationships with peers. While undoubtedly they are competitors, all three see networking as an opportunity to learn best practices, solve problems, and call out unethical business dealings in their common market. Here are highlights from their conversation in this second in a series of broker conversations around the country.

Local rivals discuss the value of collaboration, lessons from disruption and more.

February 2019 - 5 Brokerage Tech Trends From CES 2019
By Melissa Dittman Tracey/National Association of REALTORS®

From self-driving cars to ultrafast 5G connections, tech developments are making their way to the market to enhance how you do business in the future. And the tech industry’s annual mega-event—the International Consumer Electronics Show—had plenty to show off this year, too.

Learn about technology that could reshape your business and customer relations moving forward.

January 2019 - Help Agents Gain A Competitive Advantage
By Nicole Slaughter Graham/National Association of REALTORS®

Newer Licensees are at a disadvantage if they don't have strong guidance from their brokers. Here are the ways to prepare agents for market challenges.

New Licensees? Get The Advantage Here

December 2018 - How To Best Leverage NAR
By Sam DeBord/National Association of REALTORS®

Learn how to take advantage of member benefits and tools to improve your brokerage operations and provide greater value for agents!

Read Insider Tips for NAR Benefits Here

November 2018 - How a "Broker's Brokerage" Can Improve Bottom Line
By Ryan Buccola/National Association of REALTORS®

Read three tips from a broker-owner who's growing his business in Bend, Oregon, by providing a close-knit culture with extra support.

Check Out His Three Key Tips Here

October 2018 - 3 Apps to Streamline Your Social Media Feeds
By Kaycee Miller/National Association of REALTORS®

Social media has become a fundamental part of every marketer’s toolbox. Your presence as a brand, company, or individual salesperson is not only expected on popular social media channels, it’s a necessary part of operating your business. You don’t want to miss out when potential clients look to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn to find information about you, your business, and your services.

Spend Less Time Posting, More Time Engaging - Full Story Here

September 2018 - Become More Confident Delegating Your Work
By Lee Nelson/National Association of REALTORS®

Brokers are in a distinct position to teach their licensed assistants, agents, and staff through delegation. By teaching your team how to take on some of your responsibilities, you’ll improve their overall experience at work and their careers while continuing to grow your business and vision for the company.

Check Out All The Tips Here

August 2018 - Don't Let Clients Get Out-Bid
By Kathy Fettke/National Association of REALTORS®

You might be working with buyers or investors in a seller’s market, and they just aren’t finding properties that meet their needs. Plus, competition is driving up prices. Many real estate professionals are in the same situation. How can you and your team find properties that have less competition? I have three real-life scenarios that may help.

Read Kathy's Scenarios Here

July 2018 - How to Avoid Real Estate Burnout
By Pamela Babcock/National Association of REALTORS®

It’s 10 p.m. and the smartphone on your bedside table pings, casting a familiar glow. Your partner is asleep, but the seller, who’s closing in three weeks, sent a text. They want the foyer chandelier after all. Do you fire off a hair-trigger response? You might want to think twice if you want some semblance of work-life balance...

Read the Full Article Here

June 2018 - Sharing Knowledge: Relationships over Sales
By National Association of REALTORS®

For her 70th birthday last year, Cynthia Stanley invited her entire real estate database—250 of her closest friends—to celebrate with her. She rented out her housing community’s amenity center and arranged for music and food. Stanley, ABR, CRS, broker-owner at Sea Oats Real Estate in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., admits she’s not a mega producer, and she doesn’t have the largest book of business in her market. But that’s never been her goal. Rather than being a top broker, she’s strived to be the best.

Read the Full Article Here

May 2018 - Reducing Stress Toolkit
By National Association of REALTORS®

Jobs in real estate often rank as the most stressful. Yet most of the time, we have control over how the stress we encounter affects our lives. Stress can even help some people perform better under pressure.

The National Association of REALTORS® have put together a video toolkit just for our brokers! With a running time of just 60 Minutes, you can learn about work-life balance, stress reduction techniques, and help keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Visit the full video toolkit Here

April 2018 - How to Handle the Craziest Deals!
By Lee Nelson/National Association of REALTORS®

Once in a while, every real estate professional is challenged by a deal. And if you’ve been a broker-owner or manager long enough, you know that despite the hurdles, most of those arduous transactions result in lessons learned, a good laugh, or an understanding of what to avoid next time.

“I have been blessed to have smooth transactions, but there have been times where everything breaks loose,” says Jonie Sturek, SFR, managing broker at NP Dodge Real Estate in Omaha, Neb. Sturek and three other real estate leaders reveal their craziest real estate stories and how they worked through each situation.

Read the Full Article Here

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