REALTOR® Champions


Candidates Supporting Our Industry

Realtor® Champions are candidates identified by RRAR members as individuals who understand and align with our stances on issues vital to the real estate industry, the promotion of fair and equitable access to home ownership, and the protection of private property rights.

We encourage our members to vote for candidates that understand the issues vital to our industry and the promotion of home ownership.  Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors® members who serve on our Board of Directors, RPAC Committee, or Government Policies & Issues Committee interviewed and evaluated candidates.

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2022 Local Realtor® Champions

Harnett Co. Board of Commissioners

  • District 1: Barbara McKoy

Wake County Board of Commissioners

  • Commission District 1: Donald Mial
  • Commission District 2: Matt Calabria
  • Commission District 3: Cheryl F. Stallings
  • Commission District 7: Vickie Adamson

City of Raleigh

  • Mayor: Mary Ann Baldwin

Raleigh City Council

  • At-Large: Stormie Denise Forte
  • At-Large: Jonathan Melton
  • District A: Catherine (Cat) Lawson
  • District B: Minu Lee
  • District C: Corey Branch
  • District D: Jennifer Truman
  • District E: David Knight

2022 NC Realtor® Champions

North Carolina House

  • District 11: Allison Dahle
  • District 21: Ya Liu
  • District 28: Larry Strickland
  • District 33: Rosa Gill
  • District 37: Erin Pare´
  • District 39: James Roberson
  • District 40: Joe John
  • District 41: Maria Cervania
  • District 49: Cynthia Ball
  • District 66: Sarah Crawford

North Carolina Senate

  • District 12: Jim Burgin
  • District 13: Lisa Grafstein
  • District 14: Dan Blue
  • District 15: Jay Chaudhuri
  • District 16: Gale Adcock
  • District 17: Sydney Batch

Voting Information

2022 Election Day is held on Tuesday, Nov 8.

Register to vote by Oct 14

Early voting starts Oct 20 and ends on Nov 5

Absentee by mail request deadline is Nov 1.

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