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October 15, 2018: #MondayMinute: 
Your Property Marketing Megaphone (Hint: It’s Social Media)

It’s no secret that marketing listed properties on your social channels will enhance your chances of selling the property. But, what are the best ways to make those properties appealing to potential buyers online? 

 Here are some tips when marketing your properties on social media:

1. Use Video Tours To Promote Properties on Social Media

Nothing replicates going through a home in person, but a video tour is pretty close! A video will make a potential buyer feel as if they are physically walking through the home. This gives them the opportunity to imagine themselves in the home. As the tour guide/agent you are able to scout out the home first, then project the right ‘flow’ as you walk through the home, allowing you to make helpful comments of what features each room has, and some fun ideas that may make people feel at home instantaneously when walking through. For example, as you walk past the fireplace, talk about how the weather is getting ready to be chilly at night, nothing is more cozy than this living room thanks to this feature! This ultimately saves you time as the agent, by only showing clients homes they are interested in.

2. Feature The Home On Your Blog

Create a blog with photos and a detailed description of the home you are selling. In addition, have a call to action at the end of your blog for potential buyers to sign up if they are interested in the property. This can be a tool for lead generation as well as driving traffic to your website. 

3. Be Confident In Your Listings

Posting pictures of the very best features of the home is a great way to gain exposure for not only the house you are trying to sell, but your brand as a REALTOR®. Utilizing other features in Instagram such as Instagram stories, Instagram Live and hashtags are great ways to market to potential buyers and also showcase that you know the area/your listings by impressing buyers of your tools, even if the first house they look at isn’t their forever home.

Need more help with your social media game? Join our Social Media Marketing Event on October 23 with Brian Pate reviewing Instagram and LinkedIn. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our Communication Department at 919.654.5400



October 8, 2018: #MondayMinute: Social Media Tips from Top Producers 


For REALTORS®, social media has been an unbelievable way to connect with potential buyers. Our Panelists from the Top Producer Council’s, "How To Become A Top Producer " event at the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® touched on this very topic. Here are the key takeaways on how to use social media to your advantage. 

 1. Use It, Don’t Lose It

     Social media is here to stay and if you are not using it for building your business, then you are making a BIG mistake! You will be at a competitive disadvantage by not using social media to grow your business. If you aren’t sure where to start, start small by using one social media channel and go from there. It is better to post and respond consistently on one or two social media platforms than be stretched too thin and be unresponsive on many.

 2. Follow the Trends 

            Follow what is going on in the social media world and use that to your advantage and apply it to your business. For example, the future of social media posts is based in video content and creation, so be sure to use video whenever possible as you are creating content that can appeal to your future clients.

 3. A Review Can Take You A Long Way 

    Using online reviews will help potential clients vet you. Find a few clients that you have worked with and simply ask them to write a Google or Zillow review. Using reviews to your advantage on these sites will help establish you with new clients, helping build your brand and credibility. As buyers and sellers become younger and younger, those clients will search for you online before even talking to you in person or on the phone, be sure to put your best digital foot forward!

 Use these tips to help you build your brand and business! If you have any questions regarding social media, feel free to reach out to RRAR Communication Department at (919) 654-5400, we are here to help!



September 24, 2018: #MONDAYMINUTE:
Closing Out REALTOR® Safety Month  

September is coming to an end, but REALTOR® Safety is something that continues on a daily basis for REALTOR® professionals. Keep in mind the tips you've learned throughout this month and add them to your safety protocol when working with clients. A recap of the tips we have shared over this month to keep in mind:

  • Make sure someone always knows your location
  • Always meet with new clients in an office or a public space 
  • When showing a home, it is okay to meet a client there
  • Make sure to walk behind your clients as they look through the home 
  • Consider bringing along a colleague during an open house

For more information and tips on REALTOR® Safety, go to www.nar.com/safety

Author: Emily Ting 

Keep these tips in mind when doing your job!
It is the simple things that keep REALTORS® safe! 

Author: Emily Ting 

September is REALTOR® Safety Month! The month of September we will be featuring tips and tricks for you to stay safe while you're doing what you love!

August 20, 2018: #MONDAYMINUTE: 2018 Profile of International Residential Transactions Morning Chat 

We are wrapping up our August #MondayMinute with an overview chat on the findings of our 2018 Profile of International Residential Transactions brought to you by, Tessa Hultz, CEO of Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® and Casey Angel, Director of Communications of Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®.


August 13, 2018: #MondayMinute: County By COunty Breakdown of Foreign Investment
Author: Casey Angel 

As the 2018 Profile of International Residential Transactions was published in August by the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®, there are a few key metrics that jump out for both our REALTOR® Members as well as the general public. One of those metrics of particular interest is the county by county breakdown of where foreign buyers are actually purchasing homes in the Raleigh/Triangle Region.

In 2017 we saw locations where you would typically think international buyers would flock to, Wake County and Durham County, dominate in the destinations while only Harnett and Vance Counties were able to make the list with a statistically significant portion of more than 3%. When looking at 2018, we see that Orange, Chatham, and Johnston Counties all made the list where they failed to in 2017.

2018 Profile of International Residential Transactions tells us a few key points about destination:

1. For REALTORS®, international buyers are less focused on just Wake & Durham County, allowing for a more diverse home search.
2. REALTORS® who specialize in selling Orange, Chatham, Johnston, Vance, Harnett, and other counties have a renewed motivation for reaching international buyers.
3. For our communities, as Wake and Durham Counties continue to expand, our outer lying counties will continue to become more diverse than ever before.

Click for Full 2018 Study

August 6, 2018: #MONDAYMINUTE: Highlight Notable Findings from 2018 RRAR/NAR SURVEY
Author: Emily Ting

This week's #MondayMinute highlights the notable findings of Dollar Volume and Purchase Price from the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® survey.

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