Diverse & Together


Through celebrating what makes us different, we strengthen the bonds of what brings us together. 

The Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® is committed to celebrating diversity in all facets of the association and in everything we do. Throughout our strategic plan and mission, we understand that the key to our Association is YOU. 

Our REALTOR® Members create the perfect representation of our nation: individuals and companies from every walk of life and background.

As REALTORS® sworn to uphold a strict Code of Ethics, our Members are sworn to treating all clients, members of the public, and each other equally, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The REALTOR® commitment to diversity and equality is the strongest in real estate, going a step farther than the federal Fair Housing Act, which does not include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes against housing discrimination.

As an Association, we are committed to: 

  • Increasing participation and outreach to our minority membership.
  • Encouraging all qualified members to pursue association leadership and committee involvement. 
  • Integrating and partnering with key local and national diversity groups into the daily mission and long-term strategic plan of the association. 
  • Celebrating and promoting awareness for the diversity of our professional REALTORS® within our community and the work they do in our neighborhoods. 
  • Positively impact and lead the culture building conversations across North Carolina related to diversity through education and exposure. 

Diversity Webinars

Listening to our members and the community is of top priority for RRAR and its leadership right now. Utilize the form below to send a question, a comment, an idea, or feelings you need to express to our panel of leaders, and we will be answering and discussing these messages during our next Virtual Town Hall discussion in July.

RRAR Diversity Committee

NAR Diversity Toolkit

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