Cooling Wake Program!

Helping medically at-risk neighbors with A/C Units

Published Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thanks to the tireless efforts of REALTORS® throughout the Triangle, we are able to help Cooling Wake kick off with 25 a/c window units that will be delivered to medically-fragile seniors this summer. Just this week, Madeline and Diana who suffer from COPD are sleeping in a cool bedroom.


Doris is a medically-fragile senior and suffers from respiratory illnesses. However, once the warm weather hits Doris will be
breathing easier in her home with the comfort of an air 
conditioning unit we provided. 
Eli has a respiratory condition that makes him susceptible to SIDS. Thanks to an air conditioning unit provided by the Foundation,
Eli sleeps in an air conditioned bedroom that reduces his risks. 

Charlene is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, and the medications that she takes make it hard to control her body temperature.
Now she has an air conditioning unit that will greatly help control her body temperature.