From Our President: Stay Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published Friday, April 10, 2020
by Lewis Grubbs, 2020 President

Greetings to our Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® Members,

I trust this message finds you all well and adjusting to this new business environment we find ourselves in. Over the past several weeks your Association leadership and staff have been working tirelessly to make sure you and your clients can continue conducting safe and responsible transactions.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® and the Bureau of Economic Analysis - each home sale in the Triangle Region, and in North Carolina, adds almost $72,000 to our state’s economy when all is said and done. This proves that real estate is not only an essential business in ensuring our already thriving economy continues to run smoothly, but it also helps in making sure that we will still have a strong and stable housing market when we get through these uncertain times.

Recently, I shared in a video that we published on social media how now was NOT the time for “business as usual.” I called on all 8,600 of our REALTOR® and Affiliate members to take these local and state orders seriously. I asked you each to do your part and not be the one or two people who might disregard the rules and lead to a tightening of restrictions on our industry and our clients. I am asking again that all members practice responsible real estate. Please follow your state and local ordinances and adhere to them.

When we spoke to our elected leaders and decision makers, we assured them that REALTORS® were professionals and would conduct themselves as such. Let’s make sure we honor that statement each and every day during these Stay at Home orders.

I have personally spoken with many of our Brokers across the Triangle area who have told me they were making internal business changes to their operating procedures. New, “best practices,” have been created to comply with these rules and, protect clients and customers. It is so crucial that we change the way we conduct business. One person not following the rules could lead to further restrictions being imposed, which could impact the thousands of others who are doing business the right way. Please do not let that be you or, one of your agents.

NAR President Vince Malta said in his video urging all 1 million plus REALTOR® members to strictly abide by local and state orders — “REALTORS® CAN and MUST lead the way forward”— This is because REALTORS® believe in putting the customer first and now more than ever that is imperative.

Additionally you can find best practices for your team and business on our RRAR website at The North Carolina Association of REALTORS® has also shared some tips and practices for you and your business as well as updates on Federal and State business and tax information that can be found at

I am counting on all members understanding, it only takes one person ignoring the law to adversely affect our businesses and the clients who  depend on us. A home is most often the largest source of liquidity for most of our citizens. Let’s not jeopardize our clients’ rights by not taking these orders seriously. I know I can count on all our RRAR members.

We will get through this and keep a positive attitude. We are all stronger together because… that’s who we R®. 

Wishing you all much success and urging you and your families to stay safe.

Yours in Service, 

Lewis Grubbs, 2020 RRAR President


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