Committee Appointment Overview

Each year, devoted volunteer leaders join our Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® Committees, this is your resource for all things Committee Selections. If you have any questions about the selection process or the application itself, please email us at [email protected].

Committees Applications are now open!  Submissions are due by September 1, 2021.

Committee Directory


How do I get involved?
There are three main stages in the committee selection process.
The first stage is the committee application period from July 1 - September 1 the year prior to the appointment year. A member expertise statement is required as part of the application process to show our Leadership the experience you have in addition to your interest in the committee service.

The second stage is the selection process itself. The Association President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may appoint the committees.

The final stage is the notification process. Committee members will receive an appointment letter via email in November of their selection.

What if I don't get selected?
Unfortunately, the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® is unable to appoint everyone who submits an application. However, our Association is built on the hard work and dedication of our volunteer leadership - therefore we encourage members to try again the following year.

RRAR Committee Appointment Policies

As a volunteer leader of RRAR, it is imperative that you receive and engage in RRAR Committee Business. Each committee will have various attendance and communications requirements, you are expected to communicate with your committee regularly via phone, email, and committee meetings. As an RRAR leader, you are charged with establishing and supporting RRAR public and governing policies to further our collective mission. Therefore, you agree to communicate consistent with that charge and to avoid making public statements - on social media or otherwise - that are contrary to achieving RRAR objectives or that may reflect badly upon RRAR's reputation. The full RRAR Media Policy can be read on our Bylaws & Policies Page.

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