REALTORS® Rally for Neighbors


During this time of uncertainty during the COVID-19 outbreak our REALTORS® are making a difference within our communities.  Here are the stories of those who "Rally for Neighbors."  Know other REALTORS® we can feature? Share your stories with RFOWC Executive Director Heather Thompson at [email protected]

Ginger & Co ran a #trianglestrong campaign to help neighbors in need during the Coronavirus Pandemic by selling apparel. They set up a link for anyone to request assistance, from small businesses to personal needs. All proceeds from the apparel sales went to fund the requests. This allowed people to purchase needed medicine, feed their families, keep people employed at their businesses and alleviate a small amount of stress they felt through the process. 
  RFOWC Board Member Steve Collins is a crusader for his 350-home community. Steve organized a committee to 20 volunteers to assist neighbors in need – everything from grocery shopping, yard work, and picking up prescriptions. Steve manages a make shift call center and then assigns volunteers to fulfill requests for help.
Kathryn is cutting fabric for masks as part of The Masks Now Coalition. Masks are being distributed to ER staff at UNC Hospital. Part of this goodwill effort involves Kathryn and a neighbor she hasn’t even met before splitting up the tasks to make the masks. Kathryn says they plan to meet in person once sheltering in place ends!

"Meet my newest friend, Jeanine. She had a toilet overflow and the water filled two air ducts. She couldn’t find anyone to replace them at a fair place and in a timely manner, so I offered to do it for her at no charge. It was a messy job, but it only took a couple of hours. Her only cost was $42 in supplies. I had a section of a supply duct left over from a listing that just went active. I replaced two damaged ducts at that property.

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s important to see what you can do to support your friends and neighbors. Maybe it’s as simple as offering to walk their dog, pick up some groceries, or cut their lawn. There is a lot of need in our communities. Be part of the solution."

~ Tim Mock

RFOWC Board Member Colleen Blondell, organized a neighborhood card making campaign to cheer up Duke Hospital patients. Adults and kids created 100 cards with beautiful and inspiring messages. The good work continues as Colleen is kicking off round two of the card campaign.